Posted by Ike Pursell on Aug 28 2023 at 10:52PM PDT in 2023 Fall season

OK folks, here it is: In the top of the 5th inning score tied 15-15; the first two batters singled then a pop up to shortstop for the 1st out. Next batter singled to bring in one run and putting runners at the corners. A deep fly to right was caught and the runner on 1st forgot to tag up. The runner on third crossed the plate before the out at first was record. The run was allowed and the team out in field claimed the run did not score due to the force out at 1st. The offense team claimed that the run scored before the 3rd out. When the offense team then was going to protest the game the umpire asked me what the proper rule was.
I then explained the rule on page 138 Rule supplements 43 which state the following:

An appeal play on a runner leaving a base too soon on a caught fly ball is a TIME PLAY, NOT A FORCE OUT. When the appeal results in the third out of an inning, any run scored prior to the appeal counts.
Thus the run counts since it crossed before the out was logged at first on the appeal.
I do wish people would learn the rules and not make a judgment that someone is cheating. When asked a question, I need to give the right answer. This I will do for any team request the umpire to ask what the rule is.

As taken from Official Rules of Softball – 2023
A run can not score when the third out of an inning is a putout of the batter-runner
at first base, or at another base if a preceding runner is forced because of the batter
becoming a batter-runner.
Bases missed could result in a force out. FOR EXAMPLE, should the runner from first
base miss second base on a base hit and, when properly appealed, that is the third out
of the inning, any runs scored do not count. Remember, on an appeal play the force out
is determined when the appeal is made, not when the infraction occurred. Therefore, if
the batter-runner or trail runner is put out prior to an appeal, the out on the appeal will
not be considered a force out.
An appeal play on a runner leaving a base too soon on a caught fly ball is a time play,
not a force. Any runs scored prior to the runner being appealed count.

Good call Ike.