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The Board has approved and gave their reccomendation for the following rule changes to be voted on by the general body at the Annual Meeting/Christmas Party. Friday December 6th at 6:30 PM. The board vote on Item #1 – 6-4 to accept the change and on Item # 2 voted 10-0 to accept the change. Listed below are the two items.

2019 PROPOSED BY-LAW CHANGES . . . . . . .

E. Proxy: A voting member may be allowed to vote on all matters at any Executive Committee meeting by a proxy provided that:
1- The authorization for proxy is obtained from the President at least two (2) day prior to the date of the Executive Committee meeting. Such authorization must be obtained by a written request by the voting member. The proxy must be given to an individual member of league other than a voting member; the individual must be identified and specified in the request.
2- The written proxy is not transferable and is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. The proxy vote shall be allowed under the guidelines of Article 5.2 B (mail, telephone or e-mail or digital means).
3- Subject of requisite notice of the meeting, nothing in these By-Laws shall prevent members of the Executive Committee from conducting or participating in a meeting through use of conference . . . . . . .
Reason: The current rules can give way to much power to one member of the board and allow him/her to vote his/her personal ideas without a chance to correct.

A- Twelve (12) Player Representatives shall be elected to the Executive Committee with four (4) being elected each year by the general body.
1- Starting in 2020 one will be elected from each division of play. IE: one for the 50’s, one for the 58’s, one for the 63’s and one for the 68’s.
2- Such election shall take place during but no later than the last scheduled game of the fall season.
3- This person must be a current active rostered player, coach and or manager in the FSSL for the year in which he/she is elected, but need not be in the current year they serve.
Reason: We need to have each division represented and currently the younger leagues have the majority of the members.


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