Posted by Ike Pursell on Jul 20 2019 at 02:23PM PDT

Rule changes effective for the Fall 2019 season.

Rule II 4 F). Suspended or ejected players(s) may not be replaced with a Pick-up players and will be an out each time their turn comes to bat for that game only.
Rule II 4 add “A suspended player(s) may not be used as a pickup player for any other team within the division he is suspended from for the time of his/her suspended.
Rule V 7 ”Before the start of each game, each manager may designate one player on his team as the team’s “protected player” and notify the other manager and circle it on the lineup card. If the “protected player” is walked he/she shall automatically be awarded second base, unless he/she is a pickup player or handicap player”.
Rule II section 2 E to be split and made F as follows. “ A ball hit out of play will not return to play until the next batter or the current ball is hit out of play.
Rule V 7 add the words, “this also includes a foul tip.”
In Rule IX move penalty between item 2 & 3.
Remove the following from Protest Rule X 2 A (VIII 3 2)
Remove the following from Protest Rule X B 1 (based on rule II H D ) effect.


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