Posted by Ike Pursell on Apr 03 2019 at 10:05AM PDT

The FSSL started in 1993 under the supervision of Jim Stanionn. The first winner of the league waa Jack-N-Box in spring of 1993. We had senior co-ed for two years wchich started in 2000 with the Indians being the first winners. Due to shortage of females we only played four season over the two years. In 2003 we started a competitive league on Thursday nights with Party Time winning the first year and we dropped it in 2011 when the 63’s took over Thursday nights.
It was 2004 that we tried to start a 60 and over as the 50’s had grown to 16 teams. We only had enough for three teams and had to drop the age to 58+ to have enough players , first winner was Sherwood Landscaping and now today we have 8 teams playing. It was not until 2011 that we decided to have a 65+ league and again we had to drop the age to 63 in order to get enough to have three teams for the fall season with Party Time winning the first year and now today we have 7. Yesterday we started a 68+ league and again we only have enough for 3 teams, but we have them Aflac/Phillips, Guarantee and Party Time. It looks like the league is really starting to grow with time as we have about 350 members, 29 teams playing with in the Fresno Senior Softball League.
The league has been around for 26 years as we start our27th year of operation. Good to see so many young ones coming out to play. LOL


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