Posted by Fresno Senior Softball League on Jan 11 2024 at 10:47AM PST

Ric Hernandez brought up a question about a heart defibrillator being at the ball park. He was told we have had on on location for about 15 years now. It is located on the back wall of the (snack Bar) or now called the equipment shed/scorers booth. Je wanted to know the condition of it and told that Stan Stumpf does all the maintenance on it each year and makes sure the pads are up to date.
There was still some concern on who knew how to use it. He was told several members of the Board and the Umpires where trained in the use of it.
But he would like more people to attend the class and learn the proper procedure on the use and care of the AED.

So if anyone wants to attend a class and get a certificate for SFF/CPR and AHA Hear saver, please contact Ric Hernadez at (559) 273-0337 to help him make arrangements for the class.


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