Posted by Ike Pursell on Nov 01 2023 at 01:24PM PDT

The Board has approved the Winter league for 2023. The profile will be at the ball park, see scorekeeper to get one.
Cost is $25 per player per division with all games being played on Saturdays starting December 9th. Both division will use the 63’s playing rule for pickup players, runners, etc. I am looking for any players, members or not that will turn the age of the division they want to play in 2024. It will be a draft on Wednesday Dec. 6th to form the teams. Game times will start at 10:00 AM and continue until all games are played. Hopefully we will have 4 teams to each age group with only 48 players be allowed in each division so get you fee and profile in as soon as possible. IF we do not get enough for both division the 60 division will be allowed to pickup from the 50’s will an equal amount being on each 60 team.


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