Posted by Ike Pursell on Sep 01 2023 at 10:15AM PDT

BOY! This has been a strange week with respect to softball rules. This one has to do with throwing your mitt at the ball. In USA RULE BOOK, page 98, Rule 8 section 5 – Runners are entitled to advance without liability to be put out. F.

This reads: When a fielder intentionally contacts fair batted, thrown or pitched ball with any part of the uniform or equipment that is detached from it proper place.
EFFECT: Delayed dead ball. The batter and runners are entitled to:
1- Three bases from the time of the pitch on a batted ball.
2- Two bases from the time of the throw on a thrown ball.
3- One base from the time of the pitch on a pitched ball.
4- If the illegal catch or touch is made on a fair batted ball which, in the umpire’s judgment, would have cleared the outfield fence in flight, the batter-runner shall receive a four base award.

IT MIGHT BE WISE TO CLICK ON “KNOW YOUR RULES” and read some of the key mis-uderstood rules for softball.


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