Posted by Ike Pursell on Aug 30 2023 at 07:45AM PDT

Once again lack of knowledge about the rules creates a question. Last night a ball hit up the middle of the field and was touched by the pitcher going into the outfield and then thrown to 1st base and the umpire called the runner out. But after much discussion it was overturned due to the fact that the pitcher is not considered and infielder.
Rule supplements 28 / page 136
An infielder, pitcher, catcher for purposes of an appeal play or the infield fly rule is any player who defends the area of the field around first, second, third or shortstop areas.
In the USA Official softball rules page 103 rule 8/ section K.
When a runner is struck with a fair untouched batted ball while not in contact with a base and before it passes an infielder, EXCLUDING THE PITCHER, or if it passes an infielder and another infielder has an opportunity to make an out.


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