Time for Yearly Elections

Posted by Fresno Senior Softball League on Aug 28 2023 at 03:26PM PDT

*Time for the yearly elections for the 2024 Board (Executive Committee). We need people to run for the several positions on the Board. We need to elect a 1st Vice-President. The 1st VP will assume the Vice Presidency in 2025 and preside as Board President in 2026. We need a player representative for each age bracket. The term of player representatives is 3 years. We also need a Manager for each age bracket. The Manager’s term is for one year only. It’s important to get people who care about the league and the way it runs. 21 people make decisions that affect the 280 members of the FSSL. Examples could be mask requirements, run through lanes at 2nd and third, plate at home or just a line. The Board also examines then determines the cost of the league and other items that effect the flow of the game. So, if you care about the league and the way it runs, call Brenda Forth at 559-907-7633 and get on the ballot. Elections will start towards the end of September or 1st of October but before St. George. Here’s a list of everyone on the Board and when their terms end.

President Brenda Forth 2023
Vice-President Judi Alvarez 2024
1st Vice-President Art Alvarez 2025
Treasurer Gerald Chow 2023
Umpire-n-Chief Tony Diaz 2023
Player Rep. 50’s Vince Garza 2023
Player Rep 58’s Brett Krikorian 2023
Player Rep 63’s Robert Cruz 2023
Player Rep. 50’s Ric Hernandez 2024
Player Rep 58’s Dick Ashjian 2024
Player Rep 63’s. Larry Crossley 2024
Player Rep. 68’s Tommy Thompson2024
Player Rep. 50’s Shawn Jensen 2025
Player Rep. 58’s Bruce Hibbard 2025
Player Rep. 63’s Jim Brager 2025
Player Rep. 68’s Vacant 2025
Manager 50’s Matt Johnson 2023
Manager 58’s Ike Pursell 2023
Manager 63’s Brenda Cruz 2023
Manager 68’s Vacant 2023
Past President Brad Wells 2023
Past President Don Westbrook 2024


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