Posted by Ike Pursell on Mar 18 2023 at 04:07PM PDT

The FSSL is proud to announce the return of the Competitive League ****
The league was started back 2006 and was dropped due to the creation of the 63’s division in 2011. The league enjoyed 6 great years of competitive ball.
The league used most of the Tournament rules, the ball will be the Legend a 47 cor and 525 compression and players can use almost any bat labeled as a 1.21 and doesn’t have to be USA (ASA).
We will use the 70’ base pegs, unlimited courtesy runner per inning with them only being able to run once per inning. Any pickup player will bat at the end of the lineup. There will be no 180’s line, no limit on the infield or outfield. There will be no run through and sliding will be allowed. A full copy of rules will be posted at a future date.
Now for the good part, the cost will be $65 per player; we will use the draft system the league currently has. The schedule will be a 10 game season plus the playoff. The league will not play on the tournament weekends so as to allow all teams the chance to go. The managers will meet to decide which tournaments will be allowed. The season is schedule to start no later than April 27th and end around July 14th with the playoff being held on Friday July 21st.
League will be opened to anyone 50+ years of age. If you want to manage a team or play in the league, please contact either Ike Pursell (559) 999-5144 or President Forth at (559) 907-7633.
The sooner you contact the sooner we will be able to start the season. Any questions call Ike Pursell at the number above.


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