Posted by Ike Pursell on Mar 18 2023 at 11:21AM PDT

Meeting was called to order at 6 pm by President Brenda Forth and here is a recap of items discussed.
Brenda discussed the weather and its effect on the league. Due to all of the rain we have had, the season has been pushed back about 3 weeks. After much discussion it was decided to make a strong effort to start play again on Monday March 27th. In case of further rain outs the following plan was accepted by the Board. If we get more rainouts then it will be necessary to play games on Friday June 23rd & Saturday June 24th again this is only if needed. This was done to keep the season ending and BBQ on Tuesday July 25th. Fall draft will take place on Friday July 28th and the fall season to start on July 31st. This is only if weather cooperates.
It was then onto the Major Tournament classifications. With much discussion it was determined that both the 50th and 58’s would not have any problems with Major Tournaments until the Fall season, but in the 63’s the following dates were listed as Major Tournaments and the new rule will apply.
1- So West Championship Las Vegas April 11-13
2- Rock –N-Reno Reno May 30 – June 1
3- State Championships Elk Grove June 9 – 11
Next item of business was to make a list of the Pitchers of Record. After going over the list of everyone who has pitch in any game the last two years, the following rule was applied to the procedural code. You must have pitched at least 14 innings to be considered a pitcher of record and or been a pitcher of record in a lower age division. The Board then discussed all of those who meet this qualification and a list is to be posted on the web site by age group.
About the rain out, the league will purchase enough absorbent to make sure the field is safe to play. Every effort will be use to get the league going on the 27th and continue for the remainder of the season.
President Forth reported that after talking to the City that the lights will be adjusted as soon as they can put the crane on the field. She also reported that they are going to be cutting back the middle tree down the right field line to get lighter. They will also trim the tree behind home plate.
A discussion took place about removing the alternate home plate. It was reported that some players did not like having it there and we should only use the line. Discussion took place about safety and it was decided to wait and see the opinion of the other two divisions and discuss it at the next Board meeting.
It was approved to pay the fee for the web site for another year. Then a discussion took place about purchase of 10’ for slates to be put in the fence next to back stop to stop the car lights from blinding the 1st and 2nd baseman.
It was also discussed to promote a competitive league on Friday nights. This league will use tournament rules with live balls and tournament bats. We need to get 44 players to start he league.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM and the next meeting will be held on April 21, 2023. If you have any comments or items you would like discussed please feel free to contact a Board member with it.


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