Posted by Ike Pursell on Mar 10 2023 at 11:43AM PST

We got to play the 63’s games last night, but only after Cam ran off all the dogs after it rained cats and dogs. In the first game it was W.W. Mudders beating Party Time after they had a bad “Knight”. It was a close game after the umpire Richard was Manning his normal position, stuck in the mud. He did throw Augie out of the game cause he Dunn it again by throwing spit balls in the rain. It took Linda coming in and Starting to pitch a much better game. It was Johnny who was suppose to Noel the rules, but cost PTR a run as Bob told him he Fur ger son of them by failing to touch third base. This cause Richard to take off Mad-ron for the gate and Ike to put out the Pursell sign. But it was Herb who was able to Winn-ett for them with a Vital hit and a supper catch from Daryl off a Steagall which help them Cruz to the win.
In the second game it was Sherwood land escaping the defeat by Guarantee Really tried to win. The winning run scored when Phil was unable to catch a fly ball and he Smithed it. Tom was mad cause Phebus caught it. They then had Kevin take a Vogt and see if they wanted to continue playing. Another problem came up when John has his Bus-kirk ed on him and he was unable to make the game. Guarantee went to the Wells once too often as we already have too much water. It was a lot of problems as Carl had the softball Wax-man. Most people though Rick was Pend-ergrass and could not go to help Phil when he Smith-ed the ball.
In the third and final game it was Bishop Equipped with enough to overcome the efforts of American Medi-cal. Bishop got Dan the Guzman to take away all the Geese that came to the field. It was third baseman Sandy who played the hot Cortner, as she made a great play diving into the mud puddle to get the final out of the game. Tommy thought he would be able to Thomp-son plays. That is when Richard was able to give some Perkins and Ed gave some more Lauderdale for all. For American it was Larry making the Cossley error that make the difference. After the game everyone including Fred to Spenhoff from the game in a rush since Steve was not able to Uyeda as they wanted Ron to do a Wycoff but he was unable to do it. Then Randy was able to Bis-hop all the way to the parking lot.
All in all we all had fun last night as the 63’s started their season.


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