Posted by Ike Pursell on Feb 11 2023 at 02:26PM PST

Now that the Board has approved the effort to sell ads for the printing of the booklet. The agreement is that we sell ads to cover 80% of the cost witch is $2,124 for 350 copies that are at least 100 pages full. We need to get out and make the sale of the ads.. The booklet will be given out to each member of the league at no cost. It will contain the following items for review. A Presidents message, a Welcome note with history of the league. Last years standings, a list of all past winners of each division, league batting records, list of the current Board of Directors, and a Safety Awareness section. This section will contain information about Heat related injuries, Heat exhaustion, with what to do and not do, Heat Stroke, Heart attack, broken bones and bleeding wounds. current By-laws, current playing rules, current Procedural Code. past winners of each division, list of the Stanion Award winners and a Memorial page for those members who have gone to play ball in the sky.
I have added to the document section for down loading a copy of the information letter with cost and a ad receipt to be printed and given to the advertising individual. The cost of the adds are as follows:
Business Card $35, 1/2 page add is $100, Full page ad is $150, Inside the front cover & back cover $200 with the outside back page at $350. It is my hope that we will be able to sell all of them and make the booklet a go.


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