Posted by Fresno Senior Softball League on Feb 11 2023 at 02:12PM PST

Items that were discussed at FSSL Board meeting.
Meeting was called to order at 5:57 PM by President Forth and after approving the prior meeting minutes and treasurers report the business started with following items discussed. There were18 of 20 member present.

Old business items were postponed to the next meeting were: Major tournaments & Pitchers of record. The board did take up the item of the 30th Anniversary booklet and after much discussion the Board decided to approve the sale of add for the book and if we get 75% of cost covered the book will be printed and handed out to all members of the league. It will contain By-Laws, Playing rules. Procedural code, past winners of the leagues, current FSSL Board of directors and a section on Safety Procedures.
The Board then took up new items of business. It was decided to have Don Westbrook clean up the playing rules in respect to grammar, spelling and redundancy.
Rules committee gave their information on proposed new playing rules for the coming season. 13 items were proposed with only 6 items passed. The rules that were past are as follows:
1) During the Huntsman Senior games and all Major Tournament teams will be
allow to pickup as many players as needed to play the game.
2) The field crew is to add chalk lines at second & third parallel to the base path.
These lines are to be 3 feet from the base and at least 6 feet long.
3) To allow in the open inning only that a courtesy may run again for the same
player that he/she ran for earlier in the inning.
4) To have two (2) on deck batters at all times.
5) Changes the five minute rule on clock to 4 minutes on the clock to have the
open inning called.
6) REMOVE the rule about rostered players not in the line up being allowed to be
a courtesy runner.
Team update was given by President Forth. We have 10 sponsors for the 50’s division, 6 for the 58’s division and 6 for the 63’s division. We still need two more sponsors for the 58’s.
Tony Diaz (UIC) stated that he had the umpires all taken care of and will make sure they know the rules.
Brenda Forth report the Ike Pursell will run the draft once again and it will be held at the home of Mike Kludjian on March 3rd with the 63’s being at 6 pm, 58’s at 7 pm and the 50’s at 8pm.
Art Alveraz called for a field clean up date on Saturday February 25th at 8 am. He reported that the bleachers had boards replace and needed to be painted. He also reported that the tractor had been tuned up and oil changed.
It was agreed upon for the League to pay the registration fee for our fill-in umpires.
The next meeting will be held on Friday March 17th at 6 pm.


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