Posted by Ike Pursell on Dec 22 2022 at 10:50AM PST

2023 USA Softball Playing Rules Changes with Comments as of November 15, 2022
NOTE: All changes below are EFFECTIVE January 1, 2023 unless otherwise noted.


Rule 3, Section 1A Exception
Exception: Any bats bearing the USA Softball, USSSA, or WBSC Certification mark and passes our Fast Pitch Compression test thresholds will be allowed in the USA Softball Men’s Major and Men’s Open Fast Pitch Championships.
Comments: This would allow the players to use WBSC approved bats that they currently use in their Federation.
Rule 3, Section 5E
Exception: Any defensive player or offensive player may wear a helmet at any time. (Fast Pitch only) Helmets shall have a non-glare (not mirror-like) surface.
Comments: Allows helmets with a reflective or mirror like finish to be used in the Slow Pitch Game.
Rule 5, Section 8A
HOME RUN RULE (Men’s, Men’s Masters, Co-ed and Women’s Slow Pitch) A limit of over-the-fence home runs will be used in all Men’s, Men’s Masters, Co-ed and Women’s slow pitch divisions. The following limitations are per team per game:
4. Men’s Class B from 6 to 7
5. Men’s, Women’s, Coed Class C, Men’s Masters 35, 40, 45 over from 4 to 5
6. Men’s, Women’s, Coed Class D from 2 to 3
7. Class E/Rec from 0 to 1 Comments: Increases the number of home runs allowed in certain Classifications of Play.
Rule 5, Section 10D
In Junior Olympic Slow Pitch (Except Junior Olympic Boys 14U, 16U and 18U), the time limit shall be 1 hour and 10 minutes. If the game is still tied after the time limit has expired, the tiebreaker rule shall be in effect at the start of the next inning.
Comments: Removes 14U, 16U and 18U JO Boys Slow Pitch from having a time limit and using the tie-breaker rule.
Rule 8, Section 3I
Exception: All Adult and JO Boys Slow Pitch. On any fair batted ball….
Comments: Allows Junior Olympic Boys Slow Pitch Classification of Play to not run the bases on an over the fence home run.
Rule 8, Section *A 2
(Masters and Seniors Fast Pitch) A courtesy runner may be used only once per inning for any player other than the pitcher of catcher.
Comments: Allows for a courtesy runner for another player, other than the pitcher or catcher, once pre inning in the Masters and Seniors Fast Pitch Classification of Play.
Rule 8, Section 9B 2:
(Add) If a courtesy runner is used, the courtesy runner cannot be replaced by a substitute.
Comments: Clarifies when using a courtesy runner in Slow Pitch you cannot replace them with a substitute.


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