Posted by Ike Pursell on Dec 08 2022 at 10:14AM PST in 2022 FALL SEASON

Was setting here looking over some old paperwork and came across my list of when people joined the league. Though you might be interested.

1993 when league started: Players who are still involved. Frank Cervantez, John Phillips, Alan Sherian and manger Ike Pursell.

1999 and earlier: Ken Blevens, Jim Brager, Ed Daniels, Tom Graham, Ray Nagai, Richard Perkins, Steve Sommers and Phil Wells. Some may have been earlier but have no record after 1993 and before 1999.

Spring 2000
Bruce Blau, John Cardoza, Gary Higdon, Richard Madron and Tommy Thompson

Fall 2000
Bob Furgerson, Joe Venhaus, Ron Yates

Spring 2001
Dan Guzman, Brenda Cruz, Dan Wells

Fall 2001
No one currently playing

Spring 2002
Ed Castano, Ramon Colmenero, Tony Diaz

Fall 2002
Brenda Forth, Daryl Steagall

If anyone is interested I can look you up and show when you tried out for the league. Hope you enjoyed.


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