Posted by Ike Pursell on Nov 23 2022 at 10:52AM PST in 2022 FALL SEASON

For those who do not know, the FSSl started as a League back in the fall of 1992 as Jim Stanion held a hit around league at Romain Playground and it was such a success that He started an organized league in the spring of 1993 at Quigley Park. The league started with only 6 teams and had all ages from 50 – 82 playing in the same division.
They then 2000 started a winter league and played organized ball for 3 years and quit. Then started up again in 2013 to 2015.
Co-ed was introduced in 2001 and only lasted two years as the women were allowed in the League as equals and have played every since.
They then introduce a 40+ league in 2003 and only ran for 2 years.
Due to so many tournament players wanting to change rule they started a Thursday night Competitive League which used live ball and all bats and used tournament rules. It stated in 2006 and ran through 2011. It was lost due to the starting of the 63 league in fall of 2011.
In 2004 it was decided to try a 60+ leagues but due to the fact that not enough 60 year old to make the league ago. They decided to move the age to 58+ and the league took off with 4 teams and have had at least 6 every since.
The FSSL has had just about all it wanted as we started 68+ on Tuesday morning and had 4 team that only got to play in the spring and fall of 2019 before Covid 19 put a halt to it. It is time to getting it going again and in 2023 it will be once again offered.
We are trying to bring back the competitive league in 2023 and play a 10 game season over a 13 week and play games on Friday night over that span allowing for nights off for major tournaments.
The FSSL has be a huge success as it has about 380 members who pay a fee for each league they play in and are looking forward for another 30 year run.


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