Posted by Fresno Senior Softball League on Jul 02 2022 at 12:20PM PDT in 2022 Spring season

Concerning the game clock, the 5 minute rule has been changed. Old rule was if home team comes to bat with less than five (5) minutes on the clock the next inning will be the open inning. This rule was changed to read: When the clock get to five (5) minutes or less the next inning will be the open inning regardless of which team is at bat.

Due to so many players going to major tournaments the board approved the Huntsman Senior Games rule for all major tournaments. The rule reads as follows:
The teams in all division will be allowed to pick up an extra player for a total of four (4) in the 50’s & 58’s and a total of five (5) in the 63’s. If there is no pitcher of record then all divisions will be allowed to pick up a pitcher per the 63’s pickup player rules. All other pickup player rules will apply . Please see playing rule for clarification.

Other rule were submitted but have no answer for the results of the Board. Such as allowing the same courtesy runner to run once again for the same runner in the open innings.

Allowing the lowest seeded pickup to play any position per the handicap rule.


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