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YOUR INPUT is needed !!!
It’s NOT too Late to get YOUR input into our very FIRST COMMEMORATIVE MEMORIAL BOOK of players who have passed to the Big Softball Diamond in the Sky!!! Here is a list of the deceased players please check: spelling of the name?; can you provide Birth Dates?; photos?; Anecdotes of your memory of the players?; Date of death.. Take a few minutes and see what you remember. Please email me:; or call (559) 288-7576. Thank you !!! CR Ramirez

Members who have passed on the ball field in the sky


1999 Panico, Vic 1999
Stokes, Elmer 1999 Broken heart

2000/2004 Baldwin, Gene Unknwn date

2005 Tennant, Ray 2005

2007 Ratzliff, Orval 2007
Morgan, Bob 2007

2009 Nickels, Paul 2009
Farmer, Tony 2009
Stanion, Jim 2009
Morhesen, Keith x 2009 Heart attack

2010 Chan, Tom x 2010 Accident fork lift

2011 Arballo, Jim 2011

2012 Baniwell, Stan 2012
Ivester, Hal 2012

2015 Cisneros, Vic 2015

2016 Phillips, Ray 2016

2017 McDaniels, Bruce x 2017
Lutz, Dale 2017

2019 Herbert, Paul 19-Oct 2019 Heart attack at field
Takeuchi, Brian 19-Nov 2019

2020 Smith, Bill 9-Feb 2020
Campanile, Mike x 6-Aug 2020 sick
Medina, Al 27-Aug 2020 covid
Colman, Lester 5-Sep 2020 covid
Ricardo, Fred x 23-Oct 2020 car accident

2021 Brager, Art x 10-Feb 2021 illness
Matson, Mark x 2021 illness
Grubb, Jim x 13-Mar 2021 Illness
Krebs, Jeff x 26-Jun 2021 cancer
Daily, Don x 16-Jul 2021 cancer
Smart, Robert 30-Jul 2021 illness husband of Linda Smart
Fitzgerald, Glenn x 6-Aug 2021 Heart attack
Sanchez, Paul x 9-Sep 2021 Unknow at ball park


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