Posted by Fresno Senior Softball League on Jul 31 2020 at 12:03PM PDT

I have just finishing watching their pod casst and am sorry to announce that the 2020 Huntsman Senior Games have been canceled.
If you have paid any fees, you need to go to their web site and make one of three choices. Donated your fee to the games, ask for a full refund or ask for a coupon to be appield to next years fees. You can not register until January 1, 2021 for teams and not until March 1, 2021 for players.
It was a hard choice but two main items were at play. 1- The age of all participants and volenteers that were in hight risk group due to age. 2- The fact that over 6,000 participants coming into their community and putting them at risk. I am really dissapointed because I really enjoy the time away and friends I have made over the years.

TOO GET YOUR REFUND GO TO SENIORGAMES.ORG, CLICK ON NEWS -CLICK ON ON 2020 GAMES AND MAKE YOU REQUEST TO either donate fund to the games, get your money back or get a coupon good till August 30, 2021. Enjoy your time off.


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